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Beautiful Borealis over the Faroes
Beautiful Borealis over the Faroes photo copyright Faroephotos.com

Denmark is probably too far south to experience the Northern Lights from the mainland so if you need to head up north, way up north.   Beyond the United Kingdom, and beyond its Shetland Isles outpost, half way between Norway and Iceland sit the Faroe islands.

The Faroe Islands are a great location and are most likely the best place in Denmark from which to view the Northern Lights from.

Probably best known for Puffins and controversy about whaling there are some 18 islands in this small community with a coastline of approximately 700 mils so it’s hard to get away from the coast.  It’s also worth remembering that the islands are skirted by the warming Gulf Stream and this means that the islands do experience 200 rainy days per year.  Having said that because of its northerly location you can expect to see the Lights wherever you travel in the Faroes.

Lights season falls between September and March but unlike other destinations there’s not really a time when things are likely to be less cloudy so if you are looking to the Faroe Islands to see the lights you probably need to plan to spend a longer time in these wonderful islands.

Perhaps a two week break will provide sufficient cloud free nights to glimpse your elusive prey.
Your two week stay will give you plenty of time to experience how friendly this community really is.  Arriving in the capital Thorshavn, either by plane or by boat from Copenhagen there is a good choice of accommodation and food and the best bit is that it’s all withing walking distance for you are in the smallest capital city in the world.

Providing the weather is clear this is a fantastic place from which to view the elusive Northern Lights

It’s usual to remind Lights travellers that they need to travel way outside the towns they are living in to avoid the ambient light that ruins a good show.  Truth is, yes you need to get out of town in Thorshaven but as it’s small you won’t need to make as much effort to find the right conditions.
Of course travelling around a group of islands such as this is part of the joy.  The countryside is really breathtaking but you don’t need to worry about how travelling around will affect your chances of seeing the Lights as it is possible to see them from any location in the Faroes.

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